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Benefits of Using Coloured Quartz

If you decide to complete your project with resinbound Coloured Quartz there are plenty of positive benefits. Coating your quartz aggregate in a UV stable resin creates a very durable and hard wearing finish. That in turn leads to a lower cost in the long run because the application won't need replacing for years.

Many colours and sizes are available to blend; the possibilities and combinations are endless. The colours are decorative and visually pleasing and it's anti-skid and non-slip properties provides added safety, especially in the workplace. In places where hygiene is important, such as in hospitals and kitchens, it is essential to use a flooring application like resinbound Coloured Quartz.

Coloured Quartz in resin bonded applications is the perfect solution when hard-wearing floors are required. With such a wide array of colours that can be mixed to your requirements the design possibilites are endless.

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