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Why Use Coloured Quartz

The Coloured Quartz flooring systems can be applied in two ways; broadcast and bound. The broadcast system is simply where a resin base is applied to a sound hard base and the Quartz is scattered across the surface, this provides a semi- gloss finish and is a cost effective solution for large areas

The bound system is where resin and quartz are mixed together and hand trowelled applied, this system allows for a very close high gloss finish. Coloured Quartz can be used in many applications, such as domestic, commercial and industrial. The high durability with the desirable aeshetics make this the ideal material for both functionality and design. For more information on resin bound systems, visit our dedicated website, where you can see a huge range of natural aggregates that are available for resin bound and bonded systems.

  • Hospitals

  • Themed Areas

  • Showrooms

  • Drive & Pathways

  • Landscaping

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens

  • Retail

  • Factory Flooring

Coloured Quartz offers a hygienic and safe flooring system and hence is utilised by the NHS, HM Prisons and the food preparation industry. The high capabilities of design and colour are utilised by the retail and domestic sector. The high durability offered makes Quartz the ideal solution for manufacturing, such as in car factories. Quartz is viable alternative to screed or paint due to its longevity.

We have many different colours and grades available that when used either individually or blended together create an unrivalled pallette of colours for you to choose from. Many are available to view in our Coloured Quartz Products section. You can also order samples and view our full range of resin bound and bonded aggregates on our dedicated website

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